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Auto-purchase is a functional section of the system that is located inside the client’s personal cabinet.It allows each user of the system to configure the necessary parameters for him to automatically purchase all loan applications. The parameters correspond to certain fields, certain percentages of coincidence between all fields of the company who buy (loan originator) and the salesperson’s application form. Customers can set the maximum price they are willing to pay for one application. The auto-purchase mode was created to simplify transactions inside the system.

FRESH applications

FRESH applications are those loan applications in the system which literally just got rejected, then transferred to the platform. It is “hot”, which means that the borrower is ready to borrow from another institution right now, since his need has not been satisfied. The “FRESH applications” can be found in your client’s cabinet.

Personal data processing

Before starting to work with our system, each client needs to get consent from their customers/borrowers to transfer their data to third parties, including us and other lenders/clients who work with Creditor AI.

How to purchase?

You have two options for buying loan applications – in manual mode and automatically. In order to buy applications in manual mode, you need to go to the client’s cabinet and select the menu item “FRESH applications”. Here you will see a list of all the applications that were recently downloaded by our users, and will be able to choose the right one for you to buy. But hand processing hundreds or thousands of applications per day is not the easiest task, so we made the Auto-purchase mode, where you can set the parameters of the credit applications, the expected percentage of the matches in all your fields, the purchased credit application and set the maximum price you are willing to pay for such application once. After that, Creditor.AI, with the help of artificial intelligence methods, will find and buy the most suitable loan applications for you.

How to sell?

After registration in the system and signing our contract, each client is given a unique URL link to which it is possible to send all turned-downs. If your application passes the internal pre-scoring of the platform, it is automatically sent to the section of the “FRESH applications”, where it can be sold within 1 minute, if a buyer is present.

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